Hello world!

Get out your virtual U-Haul truck, I am moving my blog.  The best part about moving a blog is that I do not have to pack it up or unpack it .  Well, I am sure at some point Richard will pack up all of the old posts from the other blog but again, it’s not something I will have to handle.

So right now I am almost finished with the semester of classes and have a few weeks before the next one starts.  This means a few different things.

First, it means that I may be able to breathe for a second and relax.  I have been running around so much between work and school that I lose days of the week! Just for example, today, I was driving home from my exam and I noticed a lot of traffic around the football stadium.  They had tail-dragger airplanes flying around and people everywhere.  It actually took me a minute to put it together what was going on.  It’s Sunday dummy!  The Bucs are playing a home game.  The scary part is I was about to get off at the exit to pop into Wal-Mart.  Thankfully, I figured this out before I got stuck in a year’s worth of traffic.

The second thing that being out of school for a little while means is that I will have time to write a little on my blog.  I have missed it for many months because I just did not have time. I am sure that I will slack off again when the semester gets started again but at least I can have some fun for a little while.

The third and final thing break between semesters means is that I will be able to get my house cleaned pretty-like and happy again.  I have so much stuff to get rid of its going to take forever.   Its ok though it will be great when its done.

So, this is a good start for a welcome back post.  Stay tuned for later when I think of something more brilliant to write.

You know, I just had a thought, perhaps I should mention something about the address.  Well, it’s a little different but the old site should link to here so that people can find me. I don’t want to end up in internet oblivion after all.