Mid Life Crisis

I sit here under this hair dryer with chemicals that smell like cat urine to make my hair a slightly different color. Richard calls this time of year my midlife crisis time. I am a little over a month away from my 35th birthday.

This year though is different. I am actually happy. Yes, I want to do something new with my hair, yes I want a tattoo, but these things are not to make me change the way I feel  they are just things I want to do.

Lets take a little look at what is good. I am closer than I have ever been to my poor husband who I never get to see because of school. Our relationship is stronger than ever. Yes, we argue, fuss and fight but overall we are happy. Plus, I give him lots of sherbet to make him happies!

Now lets look at school. I am a member of TWO different honor societies, an “A” student, and just a little ways out from being a graduate. It has taken many years but I am making progress.

Third part of my life right now is work. I work at Lab Corp in the referrals department sending out urine. Rather gross job sometimes because they leak but all in all it’s a good job. I am making enough money to stay solvent and that’s all I need.

So yes, I am getting pretty colors in my hair and I will soon have a new tattoo but I will still be me and I am happy that way. It feels damn good to not be stressed out about life.  I am going to figure it all out eventually.  One baby step at a time.

Still- midlife crisis is really funny! 🙂

P.S.  Note to the world.  No post written on my phone shall ever be directly published to the world without extreme editing on the computer.  Geeze Louise that had a lot of silly typos before I fixed it! ( Knowing me it still does, thank goodness hubby looks over stuff before it goes out.  He is a smarty!)

P.S.S.-  Another funny note-  ABC check wanted me to change the word Damn… Apparently it doesnt like it.  LOLZ!


A Hundred Bucks

Everyone knows that the value of a hundred bucks is well, a hundred bucks.  You can buy a hundred things at the dollar store for all that.   You can buy a ticket to Disney.  You can buy a simple piece of technology to back up all of your life crap.  Today, a hundred bucks became more than that.

A hundred bucks is what my parents gave me for all my hard work at school.  They gave me this money so that I could buy a maid, or have all my laundry done by someone else.  Basically, they just gave it to me because they wanted me to have a way to get a leg up.  I love this idea because right now I am going fairly nuts.   I mean really, I did not even pop on to wish Mike Shinoda and Taylor Lautner happy birthday! ( Both on Feb 11, 2011)  If I can’t take time out of my life for two seconds to salute hot guys, I am just too damn busy.

One day, I will either finish school or they will perfect cloning.  I am not always sure which one is going to happen first.  The good thing is knowing that its all in the works.  Just have to hang on for the ride.

Thankfully, I have wonderful parents who allow me to get a little bit better grip on the ride of life.  Now if they could have made sure I was wrapped a little tighter I would have been better off. Then again, If I was wrapped tighter I would not fit into my family.  :o)

So the moral of this story is major thanks to mom and dad.  Not just for the money but for always being there for me.  That is priceless to me.  Love you both!

In other news… YAY!  THE NASCAR SEASON IS FINALLY STARTING TOMORROW.  GO TONY STEWART, DALE JR, KYLE BUSCH.  oh hell, just anyone win but fricken Johnson.  (I take nothing from his skill, he is an awesome driver with a great crew but damn it, we need change!)