Mid Life Crisis

I sit here under this hair dryer with chemicals that smell like cat urine to make my hair a slightly different color. Richard calls this time of year my midlife crisis time. I am a little over a month away from my 35th birthday.

This year though is different. I am actually happy. Yes, I want to do something new with my hair, yes I want a tattoo, but these things are not to make me change the way I feel  they are just things I want to do.

Lets take a little look at what is good. I am closer than I have ever been to my poor husband who I never get to see because of school. Our relationship is stronger than ever. Yes, we argue, fuss and fight but overall we are happy. Plus, I give him lots of sherbet to make him happies!

Now lets look at school. I am a member of TWO different honor societies, an “A” student, and just a little ways out from being a graduate. It has taken many years but I am making progress.

Third part of my life right now is work. I work at Lab Corp in the referrals department sending out urine. Rather gross job sometimes because they leak but all in all it’s a good job. I am making enough money to stay solvent and that’s all I need.

So yes, I am getting pretty colors in my hair and I will soon have a new tattoo but I will still be me and I am happy that way. It feels damn good to not be stressed out about life.  I am going to figure it all out eventually.  One baby step at a time.

Still- midlife crisis is really funny! 🙂

P.S.  Note to the world.  No post written on my phone shall ever be directly published to the world without extreme editing on the computer.  Geeze Louise that had a lot of silly typos before I fixed it! ( Knowing me it still does, thank goodness hubby looks over stuff before it goes out.  He is a smarty!)

P.S.S.-  Another funny note-  ABC check wanted me to change the word Damn… Apparently it doesnt like it.  LOLZ!


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