Irish Hearts

Ok so I guess this series is going to be next.  The Irish Hearts series is of course by Nora Roberts.  I am going to Ireland this July so it has been on the forefront of my mind.  I have always loved Nora Roberts.  Nora Roberts writes lovely books about Ireland so it becomes the perfect mix.

Irish Hearts starts out with Irish Thoroughbred.  This book is the beginning of the series as well as the beginning of the Grant Family.  Travis Grant meets a little lady from Ireland by the name of Adeila.  She turns out to be a little spitfire sprite of a woman who stands just 5′ 2″ tall.  One would thing that someone so small would not cause much trouble.  Well, being a leading lady written by Nora is just not going to let that happen.  Nora’s women are always strong and smart.  A reader will not find simpering weanies in her books.  Adeila is no different.  She is smart and very capable with Travis’ horses.  It’s these skills with the horses that gets here out and about in the stable where of course she bumps into Travis.  Travis, as owner of the ranch seems to be untouchable. Enter Uncle Paddy.  Adeila’s Uncle Paddy has worked for Travis’ ranch since Travis was a boy. The two men are more like father and son than boss and employee.  When Paddy has a heart attack, Travis offers marriage for to Adeila as he promises to protect her forever.  Little does he know that he is well past half way in love with her.

The story of Travis and Adeila is Nora Robert’s very first published book.  It was so easy to see that she was going to be an author to watch.  Since this book she has written many others.  I would have to say thought that this book is one of my very favorite.

Next post, I will finish telling about this book.  There is a second story in the book you see.  Adeila has a cousin named Erin.  She is going to meet a man named Burke.  But what will she do with him?  I guess you will have to find out what happens next week, or just cheat and go pick the book up at Walmart.


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