New In Death Book

Okay so since we saved a lot of money buying books the cheap way for two weeks now we have to spend a little moolah.  Yes I know I said I would always post about cheap books but I have to divert a little today for a very important reason.


Now hopefully those readers following me know that Nora Roberts has a pseudonym.  She also writes as J.D. Robb.  These books are still just Nora only with a slightly sharper edge.  These books are one of my most favorites.  Unlike her other series which usually stick to quartets or trilogies, this is an entire series that builds on itself book after book.  There are 30 something books out right now.

Here is the thing.  If you are just starting this series it is a must that you start at the first book which is called Naked in Death.  One needs to start there because if not, you will be missing character development.  The characters get introduced during certain points in the story and are always relative to the book as well as a building block to the series.

The main couple in the series is Eve Dallas and Roarke.  Roarke has no last time. I could tell you why but that is just no fun at all. Eve is a cop with a past.  Her childhood was bad and her life begins to turn on Christmas Eve when she is 8.  Roarke comes into the picture as a suspect in a case.  Turns out surprisingly enough, he didn’t it. What he does do is awaken parks of Eve she had no idea existed.  They start their life together and move forward solving cases and having a strong relationship.  Now since I have read the entire series I can confidently tell you that their relationship is not all roses.  That is the best part of a Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb book.  All of her characters are real and have a backbone .  You will not find a simpering Susie in th bunch. These books are futuristic and set just slightly ahead.  Enough that cars can go vertical and autochefs prepare some of the food.  It is enough to make it really cool and just different enough that it’s not hokey.  Prostitutes in the books are licensed and called Licensed companions (L.C.s for short).  Marriages are made up of many different types of arrangements. I love the way she writes people.  She has an understanding of people who I hope to convey when I finish writing my own book.  Right now, I have gobbly gook but its a start.  I have about 5 chapters worth of information.  It feels good to write and I hope my stories turn out like hers.

Getting back to the series,  The most recent book is called Celebrity in Death.  This book deals with a movie being made of an old case of Dallas’.  A book was written about her case and then a screen play from that.  One of the main characters writes both but I am not telling who.  Those who know the series will be able to sniff it out like a good reporter.  ( Therein lies a hint.)  Of course since Dallas is a murder cop, murder comes into play with the book.  She and her team will work together to figure out the whodoneit part of a mystery.  It is almost always not the person that you think it is,  she will turn a few times before delivering one hell of an ending. The time to read this series will be an investment but I promise you will love every minute of it.  The hardest part is waiting for the next one.  There are usually two in one year in addition to whichever series she is working on as Nora.

You know, I think I will talk about cheap books as a round-up.  I thought about where you can get the first part of the series if you wanted to start reading it.  Does your library have a Friends of the Library section?  This section is dedicated to books that the library has retired or that they just simply had too many because of donations.  These books are for sale for a very low price usually around $1.  Some as low as a dime.  I have bought MANY books this way.  My library  has an honor book section.  This section while owned by the library, has no strict due dates.  These books are just taken and returned as needed.  I have done both over the years.  I usually have at least 100 books running around the house so I try to recycle them.

Enjoy these new books and tips!  See you next week!


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