Linkin Park Show-Tampa

So I had to come out of retirement for a little while to talk about the awesome concert we went to last night.  I will be popping up from time to time to blab about something or the other.

Last night we went to the Linkin Park concert. It started out with a group called Does it offend you, yeah? Personally, I think they should drop the Yeah part. Its annoying. As for their performance? OMG they rocked. I had heard of them before because they are on the Nine Inch Nails cd from Lights in the Sky. The song on there is We Are Rockstars. That is the song everyone knows from them. They played for about 25 mins. We didn’t catch the whole set because I was buying a T-Shirt. hehehehe. That’s my favorite part of the show. They had great energy and were an enjoyable opening act. So often, one goes to a show and the performer has horrible openers. This was not one of the horrible ones. You know one thing sticks out with me. They have a girl guitar player.  She flippin rocks! Just a tiny little thing wailing away out there. She gives the guys a run for their money. I think she was my favorite part of the show.

The next band to open was a group called Pendulum. They were really good. I loved the lead singer’s voice. They really rocked hard. The funniest part of this group was this dude whose purpose on stage is not really defined. I describe him as a head cheerleader. He seemed to be back up vocals on many songs but mostly he just ran around making gun slinger motions and saying are you ready???? The weird part is I can see how he added to the group. I guess its good to have a cheer leader. He kept the crowd pumped up. I will probably try to find more of their music.

Now for the good part. OMG!  Linkin Park was sooooooo much fun. My throat was sore at the end from trying to keep up with Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington singing and screaming. They played all of my favorite songs. They opened with one of my very favorites. Wretches and Kings.  Mike Shinoda has two of the best lines in that song, First he says that  a blueprint is a gift and a curse… everyone wants the next to be like the first. That is so true,  Everyone wants another Hybrid Theory or Metoria. It’s not going to happen.These are different men, They are husbands and fathers and grown-ups now. They are in a different place in their life than they were 10 years ago when they wrote the first stuff. One can say though that they have gotten better with age and experience. Their music last night showed that whole heartedly.

One of my other favorite songs is Iridescent. It just hits me right in the heart. It’s about letting go of pain and disappointment.  Those of you who know how my last two years have been can understand why I feel this way. Maybe I will find a good YouTube video of it and post it on my  Facebook page. I think part of the reason I like this song so much is because Mike Shinoda sings more of the intro and he and Chester sing together more. I truly just think the meaning of the song just hits home so much. I remember the first time I heard the song, I was thinking my goodness, Chester and Mike wrote me a song. I loved it.

They also played several of my other favorite songs such as Waiting for the End and The Messenger. ( Acoustic with Chester.)  :o)  They did Crawling and Numb and a few other oldies that were just great to hear. And now for the final song…

THEY PLAYED BLEED IT OUT!!!! That is probably one of my top 5 favorite songs from them. Chester added a little bit of Burning in the Sky and then  Mike added another verse to the rap from A Place for my Head  and everyone just went nutso. It was such a good show. I am glad I spent the money to buy the tickets and if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.

Speaking of our tickets…  The seats should have not been so good. They were off the side of the stage. The funny part was they were great seats! We were in the first row of the section so we could see everything that happened. We could also see behind the stage so we could see them when they came out and went back in. I ended up loving our seats. The guys were also very good about using the entire stage. They played to us just as much as the front. Plus, their stage was kitty corner so it was not straight on in any direction.  They also have these risers that look like step benches from a step class that they jump up on regularly. Mike mentioned in his blog post from the first show that they had sore necks and backs and I understand why. Those fools are all over the stage and hopping up and down. Poor sweeties. I sure hope they don’t hurt for long.

I guess my final thoughts are these:  When you have the chance to see a band you really like live, just go. Money comes and money goes. The experience I had last night will never ever be forgotten. When bands play live you get different versions of songs and added verses. You get what they are in the mood for and you get to see another side of them than you would if you only had the studio albums. For this I am grateful.

So for all that and more,  Thanks Linkin Park for rocking.


Hello world!

Get out your virtual U-Haul truck, I am moving my blog.  The best part about moving a blog is that I do not have to pack it up or unpack it .  Well, I am sure at some point Richard will pack up all of the old posts from the other blog but again, it’s not something I will have to handle.

So right now I am almost finished with the semester of classes and have a few weeks before the next one starts.  This means a few different things.

First, it means that I may be able to breathe for a second and relax.  I have been running around so much between work and school that I lose days of the week! Just for example, today, I was driving home from my exam and I noticed a lot of traffic around the football stadium.  They had tail-dragger airplanes flying around and people everywhere.  It actually took me a minute to put it together what was going on.  It’s Sunday dummy!  The Bucs are playing a home game.  The scary part is I was about to get off at the exit to pop into Wal-Mart.  Thankfully, I figured this out before I got stuck in a year’s worth of traffic.

The second thing that being out of school for a little while means is that I will have time to write a little on my blog.  I have missed it for many months because I just did not have time. I am sure that I will slack off again when the semester gets started again but at least I can have some fun for a little while.

The third and final thing break between semesters means is that I will be able to get my house cleaned pretty-like and happy again.  I have so much stuff to get rid of its going to take forever.   Its ok though it will be great when its done.

So, this is a good start for a welcome back post.  Stay tuned for later when I think of something more brilliant to write.

You know, I just had a thought, perhaps I should mention something about the address.  Well, it’s a little different but the old site should link to here so that people can find me. I don’t want to end up in internet oblivion after all.

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