Amazon Kindle

Do you have an Amazon Kindle of some generation?  That is wonderful if you do!  They are wonderful little machines.  Are you without a Kindle but you have a smart phone?  Good news!  You can download the free app.  For me personally, I use the app on an Apple iPhone 4s.  Now let me give you a few reasons on why you should have one or the other.

You can get books!  Lots of books!  Instantly even!  This is unfortunatly, my down fall.  The app that I use makes it so easy to download books, I download a few a week.  For that reason, I have learned how to shop smart.  I don’t mean “Shop smart, Shop S-Mart.”  like Ashe from The Evil Dead.  I mean searching for the best deals on Amazon so that one does not go broke purchasing books.

My favorite cheap way of getting new books is the Kindle Lending Library.  If you have Amazon Prime, which is a membership based service, you can get one book per month for free. Last month, I got The Hunger Games.  I have not been able to finish it because lately all I have been reading is textbooks.  It is still a comfort to know that it is there when I am ready as it does not go away after a certain amount of time.  It will just always be there for me to enjoy.

Amazon lists many books for low prices or sometimes for free.  Most of the classics are in fact part of a free service where a reader can have access to all of the literary classics for free so that they can enjoy them.  I feel this is nice because these books are the basis of our society and people need access to them.

One author I particularly love is Nora Roberts.  The fun thing about the Kindle is that many of her older titles are available for download.  Most of them are $3-$7.  The newer books are of course more but it is still wonderful to be able to get to some of the older series. The most recent series I read by her was her Born in Series.  Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame tell the story of three Irish sisters and the village  they live in.  Nora’s books are always good for the heart.  Her sense of adventure gets it pumping, her tales of love keep it warm and her sense of humor keeps it happy. The Born in series is no different. I actually read all three books over the course of one weekend.  My Kindle app came in so handy when the last two books were not yet re-released in the store.  I was able to bip on over to Amazon and download the last two. Some might say this takes away the fun of anticipation. Personally, I say NEED MORE IMPUT!  So for now, I leave you with this final thought.  Reading Rainbow’s intro song  once asked us “to take a look inside a book.”  Now, any book you want is in the palm of your hand.  Enjoy the view!